The business case for a sustainable event industry

Positive Impact Events is a not for profit creating a sustainable event industry since 2004. This means that every time an event happens, there is a positive environmental, social, and/or economic impact. Positive Impact Events shares best practice, faciliates conversations to facilitate industry-changing reports, creates content, tools and campaigns to tell the story of the power of events.

To understand why this work is essential for the future of the event industry, listen to a webinar from future event attendees or read the 2018 IPCC report, which recommends using more technology rather than travelling to meetings.

The Business Case for Submitting an ‘Acceleration Commitment’ on Behalf of the Global Event Industry in September 2019

An ‘Acceleration Commitment’ will communicate the business case for events to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. This way the event industry will be part of the conversation with businesses and global government on the ten year plan to achieve the goals.

September 2019 is the deadline for all industries to submit an ‘Acceleration Commitment’, after which the United Nations and global businesses will create action plans based on the submissions. This is a clear opportunity for events to be recognised as a solution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, rather than being identified as one of the causes of the problem (for example, in a 2018 IPCC Report, the recommendation was to use technology more and travel to meetings less).

This ‘Acceleration Commitment’ will build on Positive Impact Events’ 5 existing partnerships, Memorandum of Association, affiliation and agreements with United Nations bodies.

This commitment will not just be from Positive Impact Events; instead it is an opportunity for the whole event industry to open the door to further conversations with the United Nations and global businesses about the role of events in achieving the 17 sustainable development goals. These goals are what future government and business strategy will be shaped around.

Listen to the interview with EventIcons to hear Fiona Pelham Positive Impact Events CEO explain more about the clear opportunity and the business case for creating the ‘Acceleration Commitment’.


We’ve put together some short videos to help you engage the global event Industry with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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